Tuesday, March 16, 2010

checking up

The little guy went in for his 15 month check up (yes, just a week shy of 16 months, but who's counting). He's hit 50/50 - right at the mid point for height (30.75 inches) and weight (24 lb, 13 oz), but the head is right at 95%.

The question that throws me with this guy is always the is he doing this word-type questions. Can he point to at least 2 body parts? He was so pleased to learn nose that he's not moved much past that, though he understands other body parts, he just refuses to acknowledge them. And next, it was: does he have 3-5 words? Um, well, sort of.

He can say football: bup-ba!

And then there's apple: bup-pa

And bye bye: ba-ba

He does say hi, so that's a different sound.

And he says juice: sssssssss

And cheers: sssssssss

And sh!: SSSSSS

Context, people. It's all in the context and accompanying eye, mouth, and hand gestures. Sign language? He's all over that, but it's more full-body language. Drink is not just holding a drink to his mouth, that's followed by sticking out his tongue repeatedly while leaning forward and looking earnestly at the drink in your hand.

I'm forgetting he can say, this is delicious!: MMMMMMMM

Rich and Gee both swear he's working on Elizabeth, but I'm skeptical. OK, maybe, it sort of sounds like this: bup-ba-ba

It kind of stinks to be the younger brother of a hyper-verbal girl. The pediatrician assured me he was on track. They don't expect more than 3-5 words at this age. Maybe 10-15 by 18 months, and by 2 years, 50 words. Given that Elizabeth hit 50 words before 15 months, my judgment is a little skewed. He knows a lot of sign language and picks it right up - more, done, bath, please, eat (followed by lip smacking), drink, apple, ball, hat. I love it when you ask him a question, he seriously considers it, then carefully shakes his head either yes or no. He's a thoughtful guy.

The other day we were playing outside and Elizabeth picked up a leaf and put in on her head, then walked around showing it off. Andrew watched her, got up from what he was doing, walked over to the same plant, picked a similar leaf, put it on his head, and walked around laughing, too.

This is one happy, charming little guy. Oh! I'm thinking of other words he can say.

Kitty: KKKKK

Dog: Bup-ba

He's working on it.

*eta: Well, it was late last night and I was searching for a clever wrap up, but was reminded this morning that dog is actually different - more like a cross between bowowow and ruffruff. Sort of like wawawawa, but with the w almost, but not quite, an r sound. And shoes: ssssssu

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