Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Observant readers may have noticed a change in Elizabeth and Andrew in the last post.  That's right, on June 10th, they had their second haircuts ever!  Well, their official second - you may remember that Elizabeth cropped Andrew's bangs almost to his scalp last summer, precipitating the first official haircuts.  Andrew's hair had gotten ridiculously long, and he was occasionally mistaken for a girl. 

 Rich and Gee (our babysitter) were petrified I would get it cut too short, and the hairdresser showed me several pictures of close cropped boy styles, with the back totally layered.  I had her do a looser cut, leaving the back longer. 

Elizabeth first had her long, mid-back length, curly hair washed.  
And I first had her cut it below shoulder length, but Elizabeth really, really wanted it shorter.  She has two friends with shoulder length pageboys and bangs, and really wanted her hair to look like theirs. We decided to take another inch off, and gently taper some of the front.  But the front of her hair is too curly for bangs.  

 She LOVED it.  I thought the blowdry took out the curl, but I've been surprised that most of her curl is really gone.  When not blown dry, the front is a bit wavy and the back will still do a nice flip. 

 We left a fair amount of hair on the floor. 
 Our two cuties!  The salon gives out little toys after cuts, and they both chose whistles. 

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Marya said...

They look great!