Sunday, August 3, 2008


It is amazing to me how quickly toddlers can learn new things and adapt (how stubborn they can be when they don't want to adapt is another story).

Peaches are good. You like them. You have no idea where they come from, except mostly from a plastic container. So, suddenly you're plunked down in the middle of a field, you get a box, you see trees with peaches on them, and so you learn to pick peaches, not pick rotten peaches off the ground, choose ripe peaches, eat peaches, and insist on carrying your own box of picked peaches around.

Until of course you're full of walking and carrying boxes, so must be carried or lean against the nearest parent.

But best of all, the farm had animals! Including a cow named Elmo, who really liked being scratched on the neck. (By Mommy - Daddy won't touch livestock.)
And goats - which thankfully would eat long grass, so no need to get too close.
And best of all - lots of peaches at home, and peach/blueberry cobbler for dessert. OK, so she only wanted the ice cream and actually refused any cobbler. Some things take time to learn.

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