Monday, March 2, 2009

Name that Baby - snow edition

OK, so maybe Name that Baby was too easy last time. This is another easy one, but cute pics from snow day 2009 and 2006. We had about 4-6 inches this past Monday (and as I type, 5 days later, it's nearly 75 out!). And in February 2006 there was about 8 inches. Only time Elizabeth ever wore this snowsuit, and looks like it'll be Andrew's only wear, too. Elizabeth was about 4.5 months when her pics were taken, Andrew was 14 weeks.







Thrift Store Mama said...

Well, I can't post my answers here because I wouldn't want to give it away to someone who can't figure it out. My favorite is the sleeping baby in 3B

Laurie said...

1B, 3A = Elizabeth

Jen said...

1B, 2A, 3A = Elizabeth. This was much more difficult because I had to actually memorize the 3 numbers. So whatever numbers are left over are Andrew.