Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A thought

Should the U.S. ever be overrun by the Forces of Evil, and what is needed to save humanity is a small band of determined, wily, clever freedom fighters who will never give in to the craven demands of the Evil Overlords (no matter how reasonable said demands might be), I have a candidate for membership in the freedom fighters.

Heck, the entire freedom fighting team should consist of 3.5 year olds. Except they'd never share, much less band together to overthrow the Evil Overlords. Sadly, I have come to believe that's the only thing that keeps us parents in control. Well, that, and the freedom fighters still need help wiping their butts.

Le master of disguise

Oh, your time is coming, Evil Overlord. Just you wait.

Wait, who me? No, no, I am innocent and lightness at 4 months. I will always agree completely with your entirely reasonable demands that I brush my teeth, or stop kicking the cat, or pick up my toys, or walk nicely alongside you, or, or or or or or or.......

Hee hee.

- Susan


Elaine said...

I am always worried that the under 3 feet crowd will organize and we are doomed.

AwwwTrouble said...

As long as we control production and distribution of chocolate, specifically M&Ms, we should be ok. But just barely.