Friday, October 30, 2009


Sitting around:

Me: Feels like we've been sick forever
Rich: I know - feels like ten days not just this week
M: When did she first get sick? That's how it started?
R: Dunno. Can't even keep track anymore. What day did she miss school?
M: Tuesday
R: Right, Tuesday.
M: We didn't take her to the doctor though, did we?
R: No, remember she got sick, one day of a slight fever we kept her home, but then it was just a cold the rest of us got.
M: Oh, right. It feels like forever.
R: Wait, it wasn't Tuesday. It was last Tuesday.

So, forgive the infrequent posting as we head into NaBloPoMo. Soon enough you will have your daily fill. Meanwhile, I was too confident our sleep troubles were resolving. The weekend after this post, Andrew had a horrible sleep weekend. However, last night, despite the congestion, he slept til 6:45 am. He's still working on the steps, getting bolder but still prefers crawling.

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Laurie said...

Susan, I'm so sorry that you're still feeling under the weather. I hope you're all feeling a bit better soon!