Wednesday, January 5, 2011

grand girl

Elizabeth loves, loves, loves staying in a hotel, even if it's a cheap $30/night motel in rural south Carolina on our trip home from Florida. She thinks it's the fanciest thing ever and so spends a fair amount of time prancing about. So Monday night, even though she normally hates having her hair brushed, when getting ready for bed she carefully ran her brush through the front part of her hair before positioning her headband just so.

I stroked her hair and started to say how nice it was she used the brush a bit, when she pulled back and said, rather grandly, "do not touch the royal hair, me."

When I later repeated the story to Rich (funny how he missed it in a small hotel room, but he was helping Andrew brush his teeth) she corrected me, "no, I said the royal hair of the princess!"

Indeed! Christmas may have been a bit too much of a princess explosion in these parts.


Elaine said...

Elizabeth and Helen should get together. Helen requested lobster for Christmas Eve dinner and then proceeded to eat a large dark chocolate dessert a few days later. Girl has taste!

Rachel et Natalie said...

this a a cute era..
Rachel calls herself the the queen now, Natalie is the princess! She does not mind that at all

Laurie said...

The princess passion has landed in our house too. Zoe and Mia are both very posh these days.