Tuesday, January 4, 2011

more to do

So, big news, I joined a book club, after reading some great posts by my friend Elaine. I was in a book club for 10 years, from 1995 to just after the birth of Elizabeth, when the BBC (bogus-boozin'-breakup book club) finally gave up its last gasp. We read some great stuff, a few not so great stuff, and everything in between. I've missed it, in no small part because it marked the exodus of my friends from DC - once people start to move on, it's hard to hold a club together, not to mention those that shifted jobs or priorities or friendships and so moved on earlier. The thing I liked best about being in a book club was that it turned an intrinsically introvert activity into an extrovert activity, which suited me perfectly.

So, now I've joined a virtual book club. Which kind of takes away from the extrovert (ie, boozin') part of the club fun. But, leaves a stack of books on my nightstand to get through.

I remember once years - a decade! - ago being at a work function and paging through the latest book, trying to finish. And the hard charging head of the PR firm with whom we worked just shaking her head and saying, 'I'd never join a book club, everyone I know in one is constantly complaining about finding time to read and the pressure to finish.' And that's where I find myself tonight - didn't finish tonight's book, but getting the post up just barely in time, with another book due next week and a third the week after. I've got some reading to do, along with a million other things, of course. But taking some time out to just enjoy reading is something I don't mind putting on my to-do list.

The From Left to Write Book Club is consists of over 100 bloggers who read books and then write posts inspired by the book (not a review of the book, which is weird, but ok whatever, I'm trying to figure it out). This month's post was inspired by Take the Cake, by M.F. Chapman. As a member of the book club, I was given a free copy of the book, which I will be passing along to someone else (want it? just ask).


Rachel et Natalie said...

I thought about doing it and even tried but found it hard to have that deadline handing above my head.
They have wonderful books and I am looking forward to your future reviews.

M. Felicity Rogers-Chapman said...


Enjoy this and the future books.

Unknown said...

Good for you for putting something you love on your to-do list. And forgiving yourself for not getting it done. I hope you find the time to enjoy other books along the way!

Elaine said...

The next book - The Swan Thieves - is a much better read. I'm going to finish is this weekend. Mandela takes a little more effort, and I'm a little worried I'm not going to hit the date. But I do love that this book club has started me reading again. I have really loved most of the books.


Laurie said...

I loved my book club. I think I'd miss the wine part quite a bit though with a virtual one.