Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Name That Baby - FSU edition

Well, I had hopes of posting this before the Sweet 16 games to cheer on FSU, but an ugly loss in the first rounds makes this more of a "5 months til kickoff" post. Both sets were taken right around 14 weeks.




Monday, March 23, 2009


All good things must come to an end. We had a good 30 month run, but our first line of defense has fallen. Elizabeth is now 40 months old. She slept in our room, in the co-sleeper, for the first ten months before transitioning to her room and the crib. She's never been a physically adventurous child and has been very content to be in her crib. Maybe two months or so ago she learned to climb in, but the drop to the floor has been a strong deterrent.

It's a new day.

She's clever. There's a rocking chair in her room, right next to the crib. A few weeks ago she realized she could move the chair to be next to the crib and we knew she was contemplating using the chair for her exit strategy.

We've finally achieved the right mixture of height (long enough legs), bravery, and motivation. Saturday morning she called for us to come get her, but as usual we did not respond right away, which can sometimes lead to a bit more sleep. All was quiet until we heard the pad of little feet into our room, a giggle, and "surprise!"

And again this morning. She's really quite pleased with herself. Time to figure out the room/bed switch, which we've been putting off. There are complexities - which I may document on AwwwClutter. Namely, the friggin' spare room is also Susan's spare room, with my stuff in the closet, the bookcase, the armoire, the get the picture. Add to that adult style furniture of dark wood, red toile valances that let morning sun stream brightly in, a bed up on risers (for underbed storage!), and we have a kid-unfriendly room to makeover. At least the pale yellow paint should be ok.

You cannot contain me!

- Susan

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A thought

Should the U.S. ever be overrun by the Forces of Evil, and what is needed to save humanity is a small band of determined, wily, clever freedom fighters who will never give in to the craven demands of the Evil Overlords (no matter how reasonable said demands might be), I have a candidate for membership in the freedom fighters.

Heck, the entire freedom fighting team should consist of 3.5 year olds. Except they'd never share, much less band together to overthrow the Evil Overlords. Sadly, I have come to believe that's the only thing that keeps us parents in control. Well, that, and the freedom fighters still need help wiping their butts.

Le master of disguise

Oh, your time is coming, Evil Overlord. Just you wait.

Wait, who me? No, no, I am innocent and lightness at 4 months. I will always agree completely with your entirely reasonable demands that I brush my teeth, or stop kicking the cat, or pick up my toys, or walk nicely alongside you, or, or or or or or or.......

Hee hee.

- Susan

Monday, March 2, 2009

Name that Baby - snow edition

OK, so maybe Name that Baby was too easy last time. This is another easy one, but cute pics from snow day 2009 and 2006. We had about 4-6 inches this past Monday (and as I type, 5 days later, it's nearly 75 out!). And in February 2006 there was about 8 inches. Only time Elizabeth ever wore this snowsuit, and looks like it'll be Andrew's only wear, too. Elizabeth was about 4.5 months when her pics were taken, Andrew was 14 weeks.






Name That Baby

A new feature on Awww Trouble - let's look at comparable pictures of Elizabeth and Andrew, taken in the same clothes at roughly the same age, and see the differences. Put your guess in the comments, and in a few days we'll identify which is which.

Photo A:

Photo B:

Both taken at 13 weeks. Whaddya think?