Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama Inauguration

So we went down to the Mall the day before the inauguration -- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (1/19/09). We planned to watch the inauguration from the safety and warmth of our living room the next day, but we wanted to get a sense of what it was going to be like for the 1.6+ million people that ended up down there.

We have a public Obama Inauguration Picasa Web Album where we have posted all of our pictures from the day before, day of, and day after one of the greatest turning points in American history. Here is a small sampling:

Day Before

News trucks lined the Mall...

...and so did the port-a-potties

Mommy's mittens make me look crazy!

What a trooper!

Up Penn Ave from 7th St (toward White House)

Down Penn Ave from 7th St (you see the Capitol)

Inauguration Day

Someone's excited!

Congratulations, President Obama!

Couple Days After

World's Cutest Obama Fan modeling a "toboggan" (aka knit cap as understood by the world's population outside of Pocomoke City, MD and some random place in Kentucky)

NOTE: Funny story about the "toboggan." I give Susan a hard time every winter about using this term to describe a hat. To me, and every other sane person that I've known, a toboggan is something you slide down a hill on in the snow. So as I'm giving Susan a hard time on the street the day before the inauguration, she overhears a couple of women talking. One says "toboggan" to the other. In one quick move, Susan engaged the women and asked if they were referring to the hats being sold by the vendors. They were! Turns out they were from Kentucky. They asked me, "what do you call them?" My answer: "A hat." (* laughter from random strangers *) I hate it when random strangers corroborate Susan's stories...

It was an amazing time to be in DC. We have some slight regrets about not going down for the actual event or the concert over the weekend at the Lincoln Memorial. It just wasn't practical. At least we can say we were here when history was made and it became "cool" again to be an American.

- Rich

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday David!

We went to a very nice party held in honor of E's friend David's 3rd birthday. Held at Generous George's, the kids got to make their own pizzas and play on the games and carousel rides.

Good seeing that everyone made it through the holidays unscathed. Hard to believe that all of the Milk Moms' progeny are now 3 years old. The days are long but, geez, the years are short.

Couple of pics from today.

"Can't wait til I can get me some pizza."

Making pizza - cheese with black olives. Birthday boy is in the background behind Sweetpea.

Ride 'em, cowgirls!

- Rich

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The sick house

Instead of a touching and sentimental post about how great it was to have my parents here helping us and how sad we are they left today (who will do the laundry? hang with Elizabeth? empty the dishwasher? hold Andrew constantly?), I'm wishing I had hopped in the back of their car as they sped away from the sick house, driving toward 80 degree weather.

My dad got it first, and his developed into bronchitis. Then my mom went down, then Rich. And yesterday, Elizabeth. Andrew and I are hanging strong, but I'm not sure how long we'll hold out.

- Susan