Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eagle Eyes

While prepping for our latest trip, I palmed a couple of chocolate bars and slipped them into the cooler, trying to avoid eagle eyes E as I organized ingredients for S'mores. I thought I was slick. There was no way she saw.

E: Hey! What was that?!
Me: Nothing much. A surprise for later when we are camping. You'll see!
E: I don't want a surprise. I want my chocolate now!

Monday, July 13, 2009


If you look over at our archives, we've been doing a crap job of using the blog as a real record of milestones. So just a short note on Andrew.

He claps! It started this weekend. He's been big on banging his hands down on the table, and he's always clasped his hands together in a very cute way. I first saw him quietly clap his hands on Saturday morning, but I wasn't sure it was intentional. By Sunday, he was definitely clapping happily. Yeah Andrew, we cheer, and he'll grin his wide grin and so gently clap his hands together. Must get it on video, but for now marking the date.

As for moving - he's trying. He can scootch himself around a little bit when he's sitting, then he'll topple over on his side and get on his stomach, and try and reach for things. But he can't coordinate his hands, and has no idea what to do with his legs. Usually he ends up pushing himself backwards, and getting frustrated as the object that was just out reach gets further away! He's making such an effort, why is it further?! Sometimes he does manage to get on his knees, and he's been rocking back and forth on hands and knees for about two weeks. And sometimes he'll push himself up off his knees so he's sort of in a cross between plank position and downward facing dog (sort of a pushup, but his butt is up). Then he really doesn't know what to do next. But on Sunday morning he managed to get on hands and knees and took two faltering little mvements with his hands - crawling is just around the bend. These easy days of planting the baby in one place and having him stay there are soon to be over. He's ready to explore the world.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


35+ years of friendship on one side
21+ years of friendship on another
6 adults/3 couples who all get along individually
5 girls ages 3.75-5.5 years
3 boys ages 7 mo-13 mo
2 generous parents who hosted the whole group several times
2 islands
1 house

Add dash of perfect weather, a sprinkling of wild ponies, top off with ice cream, blue crabs and fireworks.

Yield: a great vacation

Note: 3 sick babies entirely optional. Adds complexity. Not recommended.

Bonus: 1 black skimmer (my favorite bird) seen on the last night

(group picture to come soon)

It was indeed a great vacation. We spent our first night in a hotel in Pocomoke, then moved into the rental place on Chincoteague. The night before we left we drove out to the beach to say goodbye to the ocean, and talked to Elizabeth about us leaving. No, she said, we can't leave.

We got the house all packed up Monday morning, everyone in the car to go, except Elizabeth, who stood on the steps of the house crying. Yes, come on, we have to go turn in the keys, Elizabeth! No, I don't want to go to our home! Can't we stay in our little hotel room tonight?

She watched a DVD much of the way home. When we pulled up in front of our house, she looked around, realized where we were, and wailed, no, not here!

Tuesday morning she crawled into bed for a snuggle. Mommy? Can't we go back? Back to vacation?

New Zealand Rugby World Cup 2011 here we come! (oh, yeah, plus a weekend trip to Pocomoke before the G's leave the continent.)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Marc!

Birthday wishes to Uncle Marc from Chincoteague Island!

Getting this in under the wire. Had some trouble with the sign. A certain grabby 7-month old little boy kept trying to snatch it from big sister. He was moderately successful with the exception of this photo.

- Rich