Sunday, July 6, 2008

Story time

Spent yesterday at my brother's summer beer tasting, which extended into the afternoon, well through naptime. So Elizabeth and I headed upstairs to try to nap.

Let me read you a story, mommy, she said, as I feigned sleep, hoping she'd get the hint. She grabbed an adult book off the desk and began paging through.

Once upon a time (several sources), and so dear reader, let's begin (Madeline and the Gypsies), [unintelligible], the next morning (The Poky Little Puppy, a book I despise and haven't read to her in ages, though this line nearly always makes it into stories), they all went [unintelligible], never, ever dig holes again (The Poky Little Puppy), coyote went down the stovepipe (The Three Little Javelinas). The End.

Rich eventually took her back downstairs to the party while I took a real nap.


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