Thursday, June 25, 2009

You should see the other guy

OK, well, the pictures make it all look more dramatic than it really was. That plus her obsession with bandaids. My sister (who was visiting this past weekend) started calling her Nelly. (the rapper) (the one that wears a bandaid on his cheek?) (it's getting hot in herre?)

Anyway, so she's been riding her trike and her pedal-less bike (the Target brand fake "like-a-bike") for a while now and we decided it was time she started wearing a helmet. Like every other kid on the block (we're great parents, if I haven't mentioned that lately). The day she gets the helmet, she fell for the first time in a long while. Turns out the helmet does nothing if you fall directly on the side of your face. She had a pretty good scrape under her eye, a smaller scrape you can barely see above her lip, and an egg on her forehead. (me, the next day: how's your bruise? Her: bruise? Me: On your forehead? Her: That's not a bruise, that's an egg.)

And how did she fall, you might ask? Well, she was wearing a skirt, which caught on the bike seat, as she attempted to lift the bike onto a row of bricks outlining a planting box. Yep, she was trying to ride the bike along her 'balance beam.' So really, we probably got off easy - a fall just from the bike versus one in motion along a higher, less stable surface.


Marya said...

I hope she heals quickly!

Rachel et Natalie said...

poor sweetie. It is tough to learn how to ride a bike!

The Lowe said...

Eamon's bearing war wounds this week too from his bike. And proud of them!