Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sweetpea turns 4!

My baby girl. She's 4 today. She's getting so big, so "kid like." Maybe it's the school (one of these days I will find out what she eats for lunch) and the fact that she got her first ever homework assignment this week (yikes!).

Maybe it's her growing interest in music and her ability to recognize and request songs. (It's a good thing I like "Beat It" and "Thriller")

Maybe it's the random quotations from her favorite TV shows. (looks in the pack & play tonight and exclaims "What the deuce?!?!" Thanks Penguins of Madagascar)

Maybe it's the drawings she says are of me and, yeah, I can see how they resemble me now.

Maybe it's the times she actually does listen to me. And when she demonstrates something I've told her before. And when she tailors our routines to suit her without losing the intent of the routine. (She makes me close my eyes while she brushes her teeth. Of course, I peek...)

Maybe it's that she's gone somewhat Mommy-centric lately. (Feels like it's been weeks since I've been asked to cuddle with her at bedtime.) I do still get the middle-of-the-night requests though. Yippee. Well, at least it's something.

Maybe it's the "I want to do it" -- and she actually does.

Here's some birthdays through the years:

She may never know the profound effect she's had on me. How she challenges me in ways I never thought I'd be challenged. How I've had to learn and grow with her. How she makes me want to be the best Daddy a little girl could have.

When does a little girl stop needing her Daddy? Not anytime soon, I hope.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

- Rich


V said...

Rich, this is such a wonderful post.

Happy birthday Elizabeth!

The Lowe said...

Happy birthday Elizabeth - love seeing pictures of how you've grown.
Looks like it's time to update the profile!

Laurie said...

Happy, happy day Elizabeth!

Rachel et Natalie said...

I trust she had a great birthday. Great pictures, thank you