Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not quite

I know, we've been bad bloggers lately. Just sort of gave up on NaBloPoMo and never came back to it. We both were sick in Florida, and I never really got better and developed a nasty sinus infection that is only now clearing up. So it's been a bit of a break.

And we continue the break from regular programming. Sadly, we have learned that the little dog isn't exactly indestructable, at least when it comes to cancer. We just found out she has a particulary insidious form of cancer, one that is untreatable. We had hoped for more time, but it looks like that is not to be.

So a roundup of her greatest hits. She's always been a photogenic dog. In 2002, just before Ryan was leaving for New Zealand, we came up with a brilliant plan. Knowing how much Ryan would (not) miss Aggie (though Aggie desperately misses Ryan), we designed a way for Ryan to remember Aggie all year through.

(this remains one of my all time fav pics of her)

Why yes, yes we did used to have a lot of spare time, why do you ask?

(Ryan's wedding was in May, hence the bridal shot)

We had a bunch of copies made, and gave them to family as well. But giving it to Ryan - it was priceless.

Priceless! We laughed SOOO much. It makes me laugh now to remember.

We don't have pictures of anyone else receiving it except my parents. I also remember laughing hysterically as we hinted to my sister that we had something good for Christmas. She came close to guessing, but was surprised by the finished product.

Aggie has been many things over the years, but she's always been a good sport. And a cute dog, too.


V said...

I remember you telling me about that calendar. Glad to see the photos! Aggie is adorable in them--a good sport, but kind of above it all, too. I am so glad you have these awesome pictures of her.

Elaine said...

That is the most fabulous dog calendar in the world.

Laurie said...

You guys were great doggie parents! The calendar was a great idea.