Wednesday, January 27, 2010


(This is really Rich's story, but not sure he will get to it before we forget)

Monday night, mommy doing dishes, daddy doing bathtime. The usual battle going on upstairs over the hairwashing. When suddenly:

Daddy: OK, I'm going to pour on the water, cover your eyes
Elizabeth: No!!! No water! No!!!
D: Here it comes, 1,2,3 (pour)
E: Screams and sobs
E: (sobbing) Daddy, you broke my heart!

I come upstairs after bath is over (I'm no dummy um, there were a lot of dishes!) to be met by a sniffling Elizabeth, who tells me, Daddy broke my heart. After a few cuddles and the rest of the evening routine, all appears forgiven.

The next morning, Elizabeth bounds into our room.

Elizabeth: Daddy, do you like me?
D: Of course. Always.
E: (sly smile) My heart is fixed!

And with that she throws herself into Daddy's arms.


The Lowe said...

How sweet.
We're in a 'Daddy's not my friend' phase right now and I wouldn't mind but I'm the one who washes his hair.

Silvia said...

We get a lot of "you've hurt my feelings".

Rachel et Natalie said...

I'm glad her heart is "fixed". We do get a lot of "you hurt my feelings" too Silvia and those moments are generally accompanied by tears.

Thrift Store Mama said...

Their capacity for forgiveness is amazing. We (adults in general) could learn a lot from them.

Ryaanne said...

Great insight TSM. I have to remember they forgive much more freely than adults do. Wonderful story.

Mom said...

I love when a girl describes her feelings very well! So adorable!