Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Blogger still hates our videos, wiping out a full week's worth of good posts. I"ll get it figured out.

But a little snippet from today. I have a longer post about Andrew's latest to write - he's right at the cusp of a real language and expression explosion, which is absolutely a delight to watch and participate. Much more on this to come. Today, Andrew and I tagged along on a field trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. We even rode the bus (god help me) with the entire preK (Luckily, it was a charter bus, not a school bus).

Elizabeth has also exploded more and more into pop culture lately - I have another planned post on her musical tastes, which are mostly good except for, wait for it: Justin Bieber. I think I dislike Justin Bieber because that Baby song is so catchy I find myself humming it more frequently than I'd care to acknowledge. (Much like that Shaun Cassidy Da Do Run Run drove a previous generation insane). Anyway, we'll often sing the hook - it's like baby baby baby oohhh....babybaby baby ooohhh......

And Elizabeth often corrects me - I'm not hitting baby as hard as she would like. No, mommy, sing it like me: "BAY-Ba Bay-ba Bay-ba OOHH! And then I sing it my smoother way and she shakes her head...a preview of many conversations to come in the years ahead, I fear. Anyway, we had exactly this exchange for a fairly lengthy time on the bus this morning, with Andrew on my lap, watching us.

Later this evening, Elizabeth and I were sitting on the couch with Andrew playing right by us. I can't remember now what was said, but I think she said something about one of her babies (dolls), and Andrew piped up: "baaayy-beee ooohhhh"

I just looked at him, he smiled his mischievious smile and so I sang the hook, and he repeated it. Twice. Which, well, yay! Hugs and laughter all around. But, also, well, great. Now I have a 4.5 year old AND an 18 month old Justin Bieber fan. No. I'm rejecting that - it's just part of Andrew testing his new found ability to hear, process, and repeat.

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Laurie said...

That's hilarious! Maybe you have a family band in your future??