Tuesday, July 6, 2010

hidden places

When I was first thinking about maternity leave with Elizabeth, I reasoned, ok, 16 weeks off work, what better time to explore places in DC I've never been, or rarely have a chance to visit? I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone to learn that I went to the National Gallery of Art once, an afternoon movie matinee twice, and, um, that's about it.

Topping my original list was Theodore Roosevelt Island. I drive past it probably once a week and have never been. So, last Thursday was a gorgeous day (sandwiched inbetween the earlier in the week brutal heat and this week's even more brutal heat) and Gee was off, so I loaded up the two and headed out.

A guy walked past us on the bridge, said 'I like the glasses' and kept walking.

The island seems like a pretty standard nature walk. I checked out the map and noticed there was a plaza in the middle of the island, so we headed there. And then, WOW. Who knew?

It was seriously awesome, in a kind of Planet of the Apes/Atlas Shrugged way, given there were these huge fountains, bridges, and ponds that must be gorgeous when working, but were very cool when just exploring.

Andrew thoroughly enjoyed himself, though he got bored walking and wanted to be carried (little did I know the paths are wide and smooth and a stroller would have been fine). Elizabeth was worried: why are we going into the woods without Daddy? What if there are foxes? I am scared....

Also, notice in the top pictures the Bloomingdale's bag? She insisted. Since she was very young we've never been able to leave the house without something (or, too often, too many somethings) clutched in her hands. This time the bag held a small stuffed kitty, a small stuffed doggie, some toys for the dog and kitty, and her water bottle. I was stuck carrying the bag within a minute.

I've got to get that girl out into nature (such as it was 100 yards from one of the busiest highways in DC) more often!


Rachel et Natalie said...

sounds like a wonderful outing

V said...

Never heard of the place! Too bad for me.

Herself said...

It's years since I've been there and I never saw fountain on. Makes me wonder!