Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The haircuts!

And now what you've all been waiting for - the haircuts! Well, Andrew spent a few days with the odd sort of pageboy look before we made it to the salon. The hairdresser wanted to do Elizabeth first, thinking she would set a good example for the younger one. But no, Elizabeth was too nervous, and Andrew was eager to hop into the chair and watch an Elmo DVD.
He was perfect - never flinched or reacted at all.

Nothing seemed to phase him.
And there was a cool book about firetrucks.
And after, doing his patented pose. He liked our fussing over him and telling him he was handsome. Let the record reflect, though - it's Daddy who thinks we went too short.
Elizabeth, on the other hand, was nervous about the whole thing. She clutched Rich's arm during the hairwash.
And she was really not eager to climb into the chair.
But she settled down, thanks to a Dora DVD.
Combed out when wet, her hair reached nearly to her waist. We had it cut to just below her shoulders. I was nervous going that short, worried it would curl up too much and be frizzy, but the cut really took out a lot of the wild curls.
It's a good length on her, though I think I'd like it to be a little longer. And of course Daddy wants it to be waist-length, still.
The hairdresser offered to french braid it, which I can't do and Elizabeth loves, so we took her up on it. So it's hard to see the finished result, but she was very happy.
Andrew was a little perturbed that there was so much hair on the floor.
And one picture from our vacation the week after the cut, that shows her with her hair down. It's got a fair amount of wave, especially in the front, but stays reasonably controlled. And Andrew is now a big boy. Everyone who sees him - in the neighborhood, at school, other friends - all comment on the change. But, if you ask Andrew who cut his hair, he scowls and says, dit da!


Laurie said...

So cute! I wondered how the kids would do with the hair washing part of the haircut, but our hair person doesn't wash their hair first - just uses a spray bottle. If she changes technique, I'll show the girls your photos of Elizabeth in the chair.

Mom said...

HE looks adorable!!!!Divino! How we say in Spanish! I haven't brought mine to the hair dresser yet but I will do it soon!