Friday, February 25, 2011

Name that Baby Flashback

It wasn't until a few months after I took the picture of Andrew that I realized we had similar poses in the same outfit, and now of course it's taken me over a year to get it posted! Let's see, Elizabeth was about 18.5 months old in her picture, and Andrew was 14 months old for his. I know it's pretty obvious, but I'm surprised by how much they look alike, and also by how much older Andrew looks than Elizabeth, when she was quite older. The lack of hair really persisted for a while.

What is it with kids and the fridge?


Laurie said...

That is funny how she's just reclining in the doorway. The cool air must feel good.

Ryaanne said...

Love this comparison. I too hadn't realized they looked so close at the same age. And I will say that Ari loves the fridge. Maybe it is good height for sitting?