Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And the living's been easy

Wow, so how is it possible that summer is over?  OK, well, back in my day, school did not start back up until the day after Labor Day, but today, in DC, school starts two weeks before Labor Day.  Two weeks.  Cutting summer from a brief 10 weeks to an impossibly brief 8 weeks.  Hate.

Anyway, my friend Therese often does a list of things she wants to do during a season, and I was determined that I would do the same.  I suppose we were so busy experiencing summer, we never got to plan summer.  So instead, and since I haven’t documented any of it, let’s just see what we have done.  And just for fun, and to make sure I get it all in, let’s start  as far back as Spring break:

  • We went to Florida for Spring Break!  And my dad turned 70. 
  • Elizabeth’s school had their annual Mother’s Day program
  • Elizabeth’s dance class had their semester ending recital
  • We celebrated the anniversary of moving in our house
  • Elizabeth’s school celebrated May Day
  • We finished up tball season
  • We went camping with my brother and family
  •  Elizabeth’s school had their end of school year concert
  • My parents came to town
  • We kept our tradition and spent Father’s Day playing mini golf and eating at the golf course
  • Elizabeth learned to ride a bike
  • When my parents left, Elizabeth, Andrew, and I went with them and camped in the RV for 4 days, and Rich joined us the last night
  • With my parents, Elizabeth, Andrew and I toured St Michael’s, a place on the Eastern Shore I’d never been before
  • We spent the last day of that mini-break in Ocean City
  • Our street celebrated our first ever block party
  • We spent a long weekend with Rich’s parents, celebrated Rich’s brother’s birthday, and rode a real train
  • We spent 4th of July with our friends Frank and Rebecca, whose house provides the best ever viewing location for fireworks
  • Elizabeth spent 4 days with her grandparents
  • Elizabeth Andrew and I went to a kids concert at Wolf Trap
  • We spent a week with our friends Tricia and Chris and their kids at a beach rental in Chincoteague, and we hung out with Ryan and PJ and kids a lot
  • My sister visited, and we spent one afternoon at my brother’s neighborhood pool, and went to a Nats game
  • We went to Ryan’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary party and spent time with other Pocomoke friends Doug and Lisa
  • We went peach picking
  • We checked out our local public pool with neighbor friends
  • We spent the day at the water park in Chesapeake Beach, thanks to a half price entry from Certifikid.
  • We took a short boat ride on the Potomac and then ate along the water
  • We got rained out of Bill and Ellen’s neighborhood pool, and had a fun dinner with them

The end of this week we’re off to Ocean City again and then….school starts.  Bam.  Summer over.   The next weekend we have friends in town, and then Labor Day weekend, which is filling up fast, and then double Bam, into an already overscheduled fall. 

But that’s not a bad list, huh?  The thing is nearly every bullet should be a blog post – I started at Spring Break to remind me of all the posts to be done!  Maybe, just maybe, I can finish out August with a flurry?  

It’s been a good summer – we’ve done a lot.  Sorting through, we’ve seen family, seen some old friends, kept up some traditions, and tried a few new places.  That’s not a bad mix.  

But what if I had done a list at the beginning of the summer?  How would this match up?  Stay tuned for part 2!  

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Herself said...

I'm exhausted reading this - no wonder we never got to see much of each other this summer.