Saturday, November 2, 2013


At almost 5, Andrew's mostly speaking like a child, no longer mispronouncing or making up words. But there are a few Andrew-isms that persist and I don't want to forget:

- Dark Vader
- chickmonk
- wuh-lee-gee (Luigi)
- plablo (Pablo, a character on Backyardigans as well as his old soccer coach)

Yesterday I was laughing with him a little bit as he was telling me a story. He always makes one point, then says, an' DEN when moving to the next part. So he asked me why I was laughing and I copied him and he said he was going to say 'then' from now on.  An' DEN I simply replied, I'll miss it when you do.  


mom said...

Awww! That is the thing, I sometimes do not want to correct them because it is SO cute when they misspronounce a word. And hey! Who am I to correct anyone?
Besides, Pablo is misspronounced by every single kid in the Spanish speaking world.

Laura said...

Yes! My little guy says the funniest things and I just hate the idea of him growing out of it. Recently it has been excitement over "the fall festibal," and then there are the substantive ones - like when he said, "I used to have snow boots, but then I got too big and now they're in the landfill." I really cracked up! Glad to see Awwww Trouble is back!

Silvia said...

We had Dark Vader for a while, and really, it makes sense to call him that.

Ryaanne said...

We also had Dark Vader. Ari still says two that I love: pacuter (computer) and bemember (remember).