Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Catching up on older news -

The end of September (two weeks ago!) we flew to Boston for a mini-break, because I had a job interview (job based in DC, representing an organization based in Boston). We had some unused vouchers from a trip we had to cancel, so R and E came along for the fun.

First, let's touch on E's bladder control. These are the posts she'll hate us for in the years to come. We had an early morning flight Sunday, so I got her up and dressed and we drove to the airport with her half asleep. Tried to get her to use the potty at the airport, only to be reminded that automatic toilets in large, echoing bathrooms freak her the heck out - too loud! Fly to NY, again suggested/pressed potty, no luck - over the course of the hour-long layover. Tried potty in plane. No way. Potty in Boston airport - not happening. After shuttle bus to the T, waiting on platform, E announces she had to go. Yikes! But she stayed strong for the next thirty minutes until we got to the hotel. Wow. This is not good - overnight til noon! - but at least we made it.

So we walked around Boston and she kept saying, when are we going to Boston? And we'd say, we're here! We're in Boston! And she'd look around, frown, and say, no, this is my city.

It wasn't until we hit the Make Way for Ducklings statues on the second day that she believed we were someplace else.

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