Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Thanks to a friend, we've not been posting because we both want to post something meaningful and special and celebratory and consequential to mark E's third birthday. Since we did a bad job on the baby book, and only started the blog now, and have missed all those monthly milestone-y posts, we've put ourselves on the hook for an impossibly tall order. We need to just post.

Last year before her birthday, I suggested we each (or jointly) write her a letter outlining the top ten things about her. I wanted to put as one of them how when she really, really meant no, she said NOT! instead. NOT! was the super-emphatic version of no in her mind. For a host of reasons, no letter or blog last year. This year it's "not yet!" which she says constantly. Time for dinner - not yet! Time for bath - not yet!

So now we're at three, and just two months away from her losing her only child status. We've had a fun ride so far, and given how attached she is to her babies, I predict it's only going to get more fun.
The face of three


V said...

I love this picture!

Mom said...

Dad read the latest blog and said that the picture of Elizabeth is a beautiful picture.

Marya said...

What an amazing picture.

Fiona said...

This is an incredibly beautiful photo! (And yes, I am slowly, very slowly catching up on everyone's blogs!).