Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma W!

Happy birthday to my Mom. I won't reveal her age, but, suffice to say, I'll be 10 yrs older than her when Elizabeth is my age. Yikes. I feel old. And, no I had not been drinking when Elizabeth snapped my picture. I felt it was only fair that, if we were going to pose her, she should have the chance to pose me.

- Rich

Had to just jump in here to describe the taking of Rich's picture. First, yesterday was not a good day to be a sweetpea. It's hard to be three sometimes. So getting the picture of the two of them - let's just say lots of bribery and there are plenty of pics on the camera with not so pleasant expressions. As you can see, Andrew finally gave up and conked out. So after it was all over, Elizabeth was in a much better mood. She grabbed the camera and said, 'now it's daddy's turn.' (revenge is sweet.) And posed him, made him add the toy to his head, thought about it, grabbed the note and positioned it, said 'ok, now, let's see a pretty smile!' took the photo, said 'good job!' (in exactly Rich's tone and inflection) and then held out the camera for us to inspect the photo. I wish I had a video of how exactly she acted like us trying to take her picture. (and then she took a picture of the ceiling. And Aggie. And sleeping Andrew (or at least part of him). And then it was back to a rough day as the camera was put away and bath time began!)

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Thrift Store Mama said...

Try to calm Andrew down a bit, would you? Really cute, of all 3 of them!