Thursday, February 5, 2009


Had the 2 month check up last week, and Andrew is shrinking! Not really, but at 1 month, he was recorded at 24 inches, which put him off the charts. This time, after two measurements, he clocked in at 23.5 inches. They figure it was just an incorrect measurement before, and 23.5 puts him in the 60th percentile, so that's ok. Weight? 14.5 lbs! That's 2 lbs 4 oz in one month, and puts him in the 90th percentile. And his head was 15 inches around, right in the mid-range. It's all about the numbers, right?

In other news, I know we're falling down on the job in posting. My computer is so jam-packed with photos and music that I can't upload any more pictures, which means getting them on the blog is problematic. But a solution is in the works, I think. We have lots to catch up on. There are some cute pics coming!

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