Saturday, November 14, 2009

dance class

We enrolled Elizabeth in dance class this fall. She loves it. Over the summer, she and I would watch So You Think You Can Dance - I would DVR it and she and I would watch the dance segments together, and then attempt to recreate some of the moves. So I knew it was time to bring in a professional. Two of her best friends in the neighborhood also signed up, so it's been fun to see them all in class together. She loves her leotard and tights and really, really loves the ballet slippers.

The big shocker of the class happened on the first day. The teacher opened the door of the studio, ushered all the girls in, and firmly shut the door. So the parents and caregivers wait in the lobby, taking turns peering through the glass door to catch glimpses. The class seems perfect - lowkey, just learning to move their bodies. I have to check in with the other parents. There is a Dance Institute that is closer to our neighborhood than the current studio, but the age requirements meant the girls couldn't all take class together there until this upcoming winter term. But it seems more serious than our cozy studio. So we'll see what we decide next.

View from the door - Elizabeth is on the far right

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Mom said...

Hi let me know where you get the ballet sleepers, I haven't been able to find anything. And let me know about the class you may take near your neighborhood.