Thursday, November 12, 2009

tuckered out

Elizabeth is still loving school. And so far, she is a good student, except the teacher tells us she is a bit of a trouble-maker when it comes to naptime. They nap after lunch and recess for about an hour, and we were pleased that was in the schedule, because she needs a nap. However, school is too exciting for her - she refuses to sleep, which is ok, but according to the teacher, she also does not rest quietly and tends to get into mischief.

We asked her recently why she did not fall asleep or stay on her mat. Well, she said, the other kids throw things at me and I have to throw them back, or they whisper to me and I have to whisper back. So I can't sleep.

I suppose we are pleased she appears to be popular.

Which is why she comes home completely tuckered out.


Rachel et Natalie said...

how sweet
and of course she has to shisper back to them, it's totally fair.

Ryaanne said...

Seems reasonable to me. David didn't nap once at preschool all last year. Bedtime got moved back to 7 to accommodate the cranky.