Monday, August 30, 2010


Wow, am so far behind in posting! Blame it on the elusive camera cord, which keeps disappearing! So before we get to some of the recent stuff (first day of school, the haircuts!), a little catching up.

First weekend in August (right after the Elizabeth teeth incident, but before the Elizabeth cuts Andrew's hair incident), we went to Chincoteague for a much needed break. They loved it!

And lucky us, it was the last weekend of the carnival.
When Elizabeth was Andrew's age, she HATED sand. Basically, visiting the beach was an exercise in torture. She's over that now, and Andrew? Well, he's pretty much a fan, too.
We spent an hour or so at the playground, and despite having fallen and banged up her teeth just the day before, there was no slowing down for Elizabeth.
Bottom line: a great trip!


Rachel et Natalie said...

how cute they look playing in the sand.
looks like a great adventure. I have promised Rachel to take her to the beach.

Laurie said...

Well done!