Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The AC

We've not been posting much lately, I think because we're both just too tired, too much going on. We're finally wrapping up a long period of colds and runny noses and much interrupted sleep. The Sweetpea has been waking earlier and earlier, while Little guy has been up sometimes 3 times in the night.

Spring is usually a favorite time of year - I love sleeping with the windows open, with the sweet cool night air wafting in the windows, stirred gently by the ceiling fans. But it's not much fun when there's not much sleep.

Saturday night we finally gave in to the coming summer and turned on the AC. And Andrew slept til 6 am, and Elizabeth til 6:30. And Sunday - both slept til 7 am. And today - A was up at 5, but down quickly, and E in til 7 again. I'm chalking this all up to the AC. Perhaps runny noses have been allergies. Or maybe they've been warm and uncomfortable. Whatever the cause, while I love sleeping with the windows open, I love sleeping more. I'll gladly make the trade.

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