Thursday, May 28, 2009

little magpie

Two tidbits:

- We never ask Elizabeth if she knows Mommy or Daddy's other name. We've heard too many friends go through their child calling them by their first name phase that we decided we'd just avoid it, or not ask for it. It's just not something we ever discuss. Once in a while she'll call out Rich, but she's never said my name.

- Elizabeth's mimicry skills, thanks to Rich, are slowly developing. She's shy about it - mostly she wants Rich to be different characters, and when you ask her she'll say "Hi! How are you!" in a different voice and then stop self consciously.

So, let's put those two tidbits together - the other morning, she snatched my glasses off my face and put them on. And said, Hi! I'm Susan!


V said...

She looks adorable with your glasses!

Elaine said...

That is awesome.