Thursday, May 14, 2009

My two aunt jens

OK, well, the best of intentions and all that. Turns out it was not our router that was the problem. No, it was the entire Verizon system - or at least one of their servers that serves our neighborhood. As I found out when I called Verizon throughout the day yesterday just to hear we are experiencing a significant outage in the (area code) neighborhood area. (What? When you're frustrated don't you call 7 or 8 times throughout the day just to hear the same message?)

E and A have actually three Aunt Jens (yes, confusing!). My sister and R's sister have birthdays two days apart, and we were determined to put up two different posts. But combined happy birthday photos for this year.

Elizabeth celebrated with a gigantic cupcake. Meanwhile, Andrew decided to bypass celebrating in favor of attempting to self feed broccoli with a spoon.

Success! Spoon in mouth! Cupcake icing inching closer and closer to face for second taste.

Can I just eat the rest of it now, please?
Hmmm, is the spoon itself edible?

Mmm, spoon!

Speaking of broccoli, here's a recipe for an entertaining evening:
1. Steam fresh broccoli.
2. Serve spears to husband and pre-schooler.
3. Reserve a few spears for baby - using handheld blender and attachment, add a little water and whir to mush.
4. Gross out preschooler with mush. After much giggling and prompting, have her taste it and declare, well, it's just mushy broccoli!
5. Gross out husband with green mush.
6. Laugh + eyeroll when husband taste mushy broccoli and immediately gags and grabs for water.
7. Realize that no, the extreme reaction wasn't for effect - the exact same broccoli he had just eaten was rendered inedible by the water and the whirring!

Good times! I'm sure the two Aunt Jens were/are upset to miss out. Or, maybe not.

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