Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3rd Aunt Jen is the Charm

Happy (belated) Birthday, Aunt Jen W!

Ok, we're not as on top of things as we need to be. Yesterday was E & A's Aunt Jen's birthday. Yes indeed, the Dynamic Duo has three, count them, three, Aunts Jen! What's even crazier is that their birthdays are all in a row - no other family members in between - over a 3 week period in May/June.

Aunt Jen is my brother's wife, and mother of my little niece, Samantha, who is exactly 9 months older than E. Out of respect for Jen, I will not reveal her age relative to the other Aunts Jen. ;)

Uhhh, I wasn't trying to eat the note. Honest!

Sweetpea being oh so cooperative.

We weren't entirely successful in getting the two of them together. Sometimes certain diminutive members of this household have other ideas of what they should do at a given moment in time. Regardless of how much Mommy & Daddy cajole/scold them.

And a Happy Anniversary today to my brother and Jen. Congrats on 9 yrs guys.

- Rich

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The Lowe said...

That's not fair. Eamon only has one Aunt Jen.