Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If sleep is for the weak...

...then Andrew is one strong baby. To recap, last night we were all beat after the first day of school and the morning craziness. We have never, and I mean ever, all been fed, dressed, cleaned, teethbrushed, and out the door by 8:30 am before. And even then, I forgot Elizabeth might need something to drink in the morning so pushed a cup of milk on her as we walked out the door and onto the front porch for pics. (pics soon!) Oh, right, and Andrew was only partially fed, clutching a half eaten pancake in his fist in the stroller as we walked to school.

So, after all that, you'd think last night we'd all be pretty tired, right? Well, mommy and daddy were definitely tired. Andrew was up at 1:30 for a quick feed and rocking, but down again quickly, back in the co-sleeper. Then at 2:30, screams and cries from Elizabeth's room. I stumbled into her room, but stopped at the door - I could hear her crying but she wasn't in bed! Rounding the bed I found her trying to stuff herself under. When I hauled her out, still wailing, I tried to calm her and asked why she was trying to get under the bed. "It seemed like the right thing to do!" she sobbed. I stayed with her 15 minutes or so as she sobbed and whimpered. I tried to slip away once she seemed asleep, but she clutched at me in her sleep, still upset. Finally made it back to bed, only to be awakened by Andrew, up again at 4:30 am. He nursed again, but instead of falling asleep, we tussled and fought for a good while, me thinking he'd give up and fall asleep, him ready to party. Finally I gave up, and we went downstairs a little before 6. Ouch. Elizabeth and Rich were out the door by 8:30, with just a few struggles, and Andrew finally went down - for 30 minutes. According to Gee, our nanny, he didn't nap the rest of the day. We think it's the top teeth, but whatever it is, we hope this is a phase that'll be over soon. Because Rich and I are weak, and we are tired.

Day 2 went well. Except, I thought I'd pick Elizabeth up from school, but since Andrew wasn't napping, Gee and Andrew went to pickup. And when Elizabeth spotted Gee, she burst into tears. As Gee said, it was pretty embarrassing.

We didn't get much of a school report today. Yesterday, Elizabeth had relayed a lot of the day, and was especially taken with the school lunch process. Mommy, there was a man, and he gave me a hotdog, and beans, and watermelon! This morning I told Elizabeth she would eat lunch at school today and it would be something different, which she rejected with a flat no. No, the man will give me a hotdog and beans and watermelon, that's what he has. Yes, I said, the man would have something new, supposedly tacos. She later said it was tacos, but she only ate one. Who knows what really happened.

Given how unreliable a narrator she is, a few months ago I started asking her at cuddle time what her favorite thing had been that day, trying to get her to remember events and tell them back to me. Tonight she said going to school was her favorite thing. Also tonight I asked her what her middle name was and she said, well, I'm not a building. I tried to press her on what type of building Sadie was, but she wouldn't say. So still stumped on that one.

E: Why did you get married with Daddy?
M: We loved each other and so we got married.
E: Well, I love Andrew. When I grow up I'm going to get married with Andrew. (Married with is her construct.)
M: Hmmm, you know, brothers and sisters don't marry each other. When you grow up, you'll meet someone you love and then you'll get married.
E: Why do I have to grow up? I'm just a kid. I want to just be a kid.


Thrift Store Mama said...

Glad to hear this report. Aaaah, school lunches. Can't wait till my kids can eat school lunches.

Mom said...

I remember well those first days of school. It sounds like Elizabeth is adjusting, but are you?