Monday, August 24, 2009

Things I Want to Know

Why, when Elizabeth asks her middle name, does the conversation go like this:

E: What is my middle name?
M: Sadie
E: Sadie? But I'm not a building!

Twice now we've had this exchange. I'm stumped.

Yep, today was the first day of school, thanks for asking. Long post with pics coming one day when I am not quite so tired (Andrew: specializing in 3-4 am wakeups for all your sleepless needs!). In a word, it went, well, great. She loved it. Here's hoping day 2 goes as well!


Thrift Store Mama said...

Hmm, sadie building, sadie building. I'll think of that. But it might be a while: it took me a couple days to figure out that Ruthie's muh-in was muffin and not medicine.
Really, really glad to hear the the first day of school was good. Looking forward to details.

Elaine said...

Yay! DCPS pulls it together!