Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Andrew has achieved mobility. He's been working on it for a while now, and it's finally clicked in. For a week or two, at least. Let's see, the last time I wrote about it, geez, was over a month ago! (my mom and brother are schooling us in blog postings lately. We got to get with it!).

By the last weekend in July, he had figured out a froggy kind of crawl. Two hands forward, hop with the legs. Not too efficient, but it worked. Now it's all crawl. Funny enough, he doesn't move around all that much, maybe 10 feet here or there, but he could if he wanted. What he really wants to do is STAND. And GRAB. Stand next to Elizabeth's little play table and grab little toys or coins or dried playdough and put them in his mouth. We're entering a whole new ballgame, and while we're not ready for it, Elizabeth is REALLY not ready for it. Her stuff will never be same.

Last night he stood without holding onto anything for 2 or 3 seconds, before plopping down. He doesn't want to walk or cruise, he just likes standing.

And, in case I ever do go back through this blog and make a baby book, the top two teeth have finally started showing through - they've been right there for so long, and now we can finally see them.

So, over the course of the past few weeks, he's been figuring out how to crawl, learning to pull up to the stand and the harder manuever of letting go back to sitting, and cutting teeth. And still been mostly as charming and happy as usual, with just a few nights interrupted sleep.

Elizabeth was content to be in one place for a long, long time. She was just barely standing on her own at the year mark, so Andrew is at least two, if not three, months ahead of her physical development. We never had to block the stairs with her, we'll see what his explorations bring.

And that reminds me, must get some photos of his latest trick that comes along with the movement. He's quite proud of himself.

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Laurie said...

We had to do a bit more 'safety proofing' too for Mia than Zoe. I suppose we didn't have marbles and play doh as options when Zoe was learning to toddle about. Not as easy this go around. Can't wait to see the little guy crawling.