Monday, November 9, 2009

a brief list of things Elizabeth never did

  • ate dog food (many, many times)
  • climbed the steps repeatedly
  • ate crayons (heck, there were no crayons in the house 4 years ago)
  • gnawed on the remote control until the rubber backing peeled off
  • splashed in the dog's water
  • climbed on the coffee table to bang on the TV
  • tried to climb out of the crib before she was one
  • shrieked in anger, fists shaking, when something was taken away
  • ate a lollipop before she was one
Yeah. We're in for it. I'm sure we'll be adding to the list.


Ryaanne said...

Welcome to the world of boys! We can commiserate and celebrate together.

Silvia said...

I echo Marya. Welcome to the land of the Y chromosome!!

Laurie said...

Not just boys...Mia is completely in his camp.