Friday, June 25, 2010

Father's Day

So what do we do on Father's Day? Well, for the last three years, we've played mini-golf at the course at Hains Point, then we get burgers at the Potomac Grille, right by the putting practice green at the East Potomac Golf Course. It's a historic building with a wide front porch and picnic tables and usually a nice breeze. There are days I hate DC, and days I tolerate DC, and days I love DC, and this little gem of a golf course, historic atmosphere, and general laid-back attitude is a definite love DC thing. This year, we went for the trifecta* and went swimming at the East Potomac Pool before dinner, then golf after. Awesome.

That's Rich and Elizabeth in the pool. There's no kiddie pool, but we were only there an hour (after you factor in Andrew's nap plus weird umbrella removal, we didn't get there til 5).

Andrew loooved the pool and could not wait to get in. Luckily, he fairly happily acquiesced to getting out (and the chance to go through Mama's wallet kept him happy).

Mmm, burgers and beer

Walking toward the golf course, Rich said, it's too bad they don't let you play just a few holes. Yes, I replied, those meanies with the bullwhips who force you to stay and play even though you only have time for a little bit.....
We agreed we'd only play a few holes as it was getting late.
Turns out, even had we wanted, our children simply resist the idea of playing in any sort of organized fashion.

Still clutching ball, even after tripping over curb. Andrew refused to play at all - he just wanted to run around like a mad man, ball in hand. Absolutely refused any help or guidance in actually, you know, putting the ball down and attempting to hit it with the club.
Elizabeth tried, on and off, to play, sorta.

Who needs hazards when you have Andrew?

So has anyone noticed anything about Elizabeth's shoes? She has two sets of flip flops that are kinda similar (same height/thickness, basically), but one is pink and one is blue. She now refuses to wear the matching sets, instead insisting on one pink and one blue. Pick your battles is a mantra I try to live by. Plus, well, what can I say?

And a blast from the past - our trip in 2009:

And 2008? Well, that year will live always as the year of Dora - about halfway through the course, Elizabeth walked up to a water hazard fringed with tall grass, cackled "you'll never find it now" and threw her ball as hard as she could. We were laughing too hard to get pictures, but we did indeed find the ball and play, such as it was, resumed.
There are so many gems in DC - places off the beaten path, where we always have a lot of fun. Every year on this annual outing we say we should come back at another point during the summer, and every year we never have the chance. And there are 3 or 4 other favorite spots that are similar. I hope we make it back this year - want to come with us?

*I had to edit this in. Rich and I have always liked trifectas. When I was rereading this, another trifecta popped into my head. Years before kids, we would eat at Jaleo, then go play games at ESPN Zone, then head to Poly-Esters for late night 80s dance night. Ah, life before kids. We did this a handful of times with friends over the course of a year, and it was always a blast. Poly-Esters is long gone, but we could probably approximate this, with kids, with dinner and games. Or maybe this should just remain a fond memory.


Thrift Store Mama said...

I LOVED Polly-Esther's. Only went a few times, but I loved it.

And on Elizabeth's shoes - oh for sure, pick your battles. I actually wondered if they were the Miss-Mismatch brand !

Elaine said...

We're up for golf.

Herself said...

ESPN Zone closed this month. Right before the World Cup which I thought was odd.

We could do golf for sure.

Laurie said...

We'd love the grownup trifecta night. Sounds like a blast.

And, I love that E. already has multiple pairs of flip flops - wonder who she gets that from?

Favorite photo is of Andrew spralled out on the grass. Really cute.

We did mini-golf/pool for father's day too. Love it.