Saturday, November 5, 2011


Unlike last year, we had a fairly tame Halloween.  I don't know whether to feel relieved or rejected, but in retrospect it was nice not to be so booked up.

So just a few images.  Rich's (and now my) office does a trick or treat for kids, so that kicked off our festivities.  E and A really look forward to this, as there's a lot of attention focused on them and some high quality candy.  We go them dressed in Rich's office and he let E draw on a corner of his whiteboard.  (it says I had a gift, plus she labeled herself "me"). 
 The company has three buildings and we're based in the hinterlands.  I got a little work in while RIch took them to the main building, where there was a DJ and more games. 
 E wearing Daddy's infamous horns he bought many years ago at some festival. 
 I  thought hse was just going to want to be a princess again, but in the month before Halloween she expressed some different ideas.  I popped in the thrift store by my house in mid-September and scored this mermaid outfit as well as Andrew's horse costume.  You've got to buy Halloween stuff early to get the best costumes.  While last year her dress reminded me of a wedding dress, with the fluffing and the arranging, this year we moved into the evening gown portion.  There were times when I actually felt this outfit might be a little too slinky. 
 And the gang - E and A with their neighborhood friends.  Pink princesses dad was telling me about how she insisted on makeup, as did E.  We agreed that there was an age when makeup on little girls was not a good idea, but at 6 it was still cute. 

And by the end of the evening, the old Elvis mask made an appearance. 

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Rachel et Natalie said...

cute costumes
Rachel and Natalie would die for a mermaid costume, great buy