Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My friend KG has made an appearance or two over at AwwwClutter, but I don't think I've ever written about her on AwwwTrouble.

The funny thing about me and KG is that we are both into social media, but in totally different fora - I blog and facebook, and she twitters follow her at KGDC1 and yelps and foodspots and blogs at GirlMeetsFood and I don't even know what all else.  This means we miss out on too much of each other's lives (though she keeps me up to date by emailing me some of her good stuff).  I half-heartedly encourage her to join facebook, knowing it would never be her thing.  She is working me hard on twitter, though, and has almost got me.  I just need some spare time to set it up.  

In October, she and I hightailed it out of town for one of our rare all-day outlet trips.  And she insisted that we eat a real lunch, at a real restaurant - and I am so glad she did.  

Here's her review on Yelp of our fabulous lunch at Vintage 50.   I don't know how, but I have got to get to that restaurant again.  Rich would love it, and they did have an appealing kids menu.  So another outlet trip must be in my near future.  

And months ago she sent me a link to one of her twitter friends who also blogs (yes, another tab I have had opened within my browser for months that I can close!).  Together, they came up with a Dirty Dozen Ways to Assimilate to DC.  Not sure I can add anything to that list.  

KG also told me that her mom is volunteering at the Botanic Gardens at Christmas, so maybe we can see a friendly face this year when we go.    

I should get her to do a guest post sometime.  Oh, I know exactly when.  KG is a native of DC, lived here her whole life except for college at Miami.  And, she has never had a soft shelled crab.  Never.  I am agog at this news.  So I've promised her the next time my parents are in town during soft shell season, she is getting one with them.  Absolutely.  

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Marya said...

I also have never had a soft shelled crab at my own choice. I just can't bite into it, shell and all-Huge mental block.