Wednesday, November 19, 2008

boot camp

I distinctly remember, when close to the end of Elizabeth's pregnancy, stumbling out of bed for the middle of the night pee break, and thinking, wow, I cannot wait for this pregnancy to be over so I can sleep. And then the absolute lunacy of that thought caused me to wake fully and burst out laughing.

Well, 4 days to go, and Elizabeth is kindly putting us through her own version of new baby boot camp. Yep, last night she was again up every two hours with this cold of hers. Refused to sleep alone, so we actually pulled the crib mattress out of the bed and Rich tried sleeping on the floor of her room with her. Desperate times, etc. But she ended up in bed between us once again at 2 am for another disturbed, restless night.

She's definitely better today. 45 minutes after putting her down, I was just in there for potty break. Here's hoping she'll actually sleep the rest of the night. By herself. In her crib (which normally she loves).

- Susan

First of all...4 days to go...

...wait for it...


Mommy is very tired tonight, so I thought I'd share the remainder of the story from last night. Now, in bullet-ized format for easy digestion by you, our faithful readers.
  • Specifically, I slept on the crib mattress on the floor in E's room. And, I can now safely say, I understand why E likes the crib so much. That mo-fo is comfortable!
  • Unfortunately, the blissful slumber on the crib mattress ended all too soon. Then it was back to the bed with E & Mommy and my 4" sliver of mattress. Honest to God, I thought long and hard about going back to that crib mattress.
  • Apparently, I am a bed cover hog. So, last night, I tossed as much of the covers over to Mommy & E as I could. (For those not on the East Coast, it was friggin cold.) Too much, unfortunately. I ended up having to use E's pink blanket. Aesthetically, it's an 8 out of 10. But, it's like a 2 in the warmth dept.
  • E didn't even use any covers. That girl is like a walking space heater.
  • An antacid- and whimper-free night.
  • This all probably sounds completely ridiculous to y'all. (Come on, how many of you rolled your eyes at "crib mattress?") Lack of sleep aside, in a way, it's been fun. Guess I'm just bent that way.
  • Oh, and when Susan said that E kicked her in the kidney the other night? There was an audible "thump." Ouch.
- Rich

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