Tuesday, November 4, 2008

yes we can

I'm hijacking the blog. Sorry Rich. I just want to be able to remember this. Fireworks are going off in the neighborhood. Gee just called in tears of happiness.

I was undecided early in the year. As a woman's college graduate, I felt I should be supporting Hilary. But yet. And then I saw this video. Yes we can. Not because Wil.I.Am or John Legend or Kate Walsh say so, but because of Barack Obama's words in a concession speech.

My favorite link of today - I Didn't Vote for Obama Today.

And, just a challenge - do you know all the past presidents of the United States in order? I sure don't.

McCain is giving a very nice concession speech. And reminds me of the McCain I might have voted for. Not the McCain that's been campaigning these past months.


Laurie said...

I got through 15 past presidents before I ran out of time. We need a catchy jingle to remember them in order...like a past president's alphabet song or something.

AwwwTrouble said...

5 yrs old may be a good age to take a child to vote. But not a hungry 3-yr old. Talk about Awww Trouble...