Saturday, November 15, 2008


So this might be a more difficult adjustment than I thought. Rich brought the pac n play downstairs and set it up this afternoon. For Elizabeth, we had it in the dining room, and often used it with the bassinet attachment for naps.

So Rich sets it up in the living room, and Elizabeth spent a pleasant and happy hour or so in her "new crib."

And then when we went to put her in her crib for bed, tears and trauma - but I want to sleep in my new crib downstairs!!

Uh oh. The storm passed quickly, but still.....

I'm hoping we can leave it up a few days and the novelty will wear off, then add the bassinet and all the baby parts and by that point she'll be done with it. At least I hope so!!


Laurie said...

Has she shown any interest in a bed yet, or is she quite content in the crib?

AwwwTrouble said...

Not really much interest in the bed. She is very content in the crib. We come when she calls so I guess she figures there's no reason to change. - Rich