Monday, November 17, 2008

Code ????

We're talking about the bath here. If there's a code yellow and a code brown what do you call it when...

"Daddy? I threw up in the tub?"
"Yes, baby girl, you did."

Code Chunky, maybe?

She felt a little warm but not overly so, and was running around having a good time tonight. Grandma and Papa arrived tonight to help out when the little one arrives (which is no more than a week from today!). And E was excited to see them. She tried to negotiate her way out of the bath:

"Ok, Sweetie, remember we had a deal. Bath tonight."
"I can take a bath sometime...I don't have to take one tonight...Maybe yesterday...I don't want a bath."

In spite of that brilliant argument (better than some recent debates), I put her in the tub. She really didn't want to go and stood there crying. I managed to rinse her hair and put in conditioner (which is apparently recommended in lieu of shampoo for curly hair) as she stood there, still crying. I started to prepare her to be washed up, still standing there crying, when she started making a slight gurgling noise. And then it all came out.

I yanked her out of there and had to hold her over the tub as she "finished up" a couple more times. Poor thing. I wrapped her up in a towel, but I still had to rinse the conditioner out of her hair, which I did. She was sobbing and trembling and calling for Mommy.

She felt a little warm and was beginning to sound a bit like a 3-yr old Demi Moore, so she's probably coming down with something. At least, I hope that's it. If I caused her to cry to the point of vomiting, I may have to rethink this hard line approach to bedtime.

It probably wasn't me. Before going to bed, she said, "Mommy, that food killed me."

More later on where the developing k-i-l-l stuff is coming from.

- Rich


Elaine said...

For curly hair it's shampoo, then conditioner. I'm presuming you did both. If not, you should.

Hope E is feeling better soon. Ick!

Ryaanne said...

I like that we have added a code phrase chunky. I am so sorry E isn't feeling well. I hope she was able to get some rest.

Fiona said...

Kara has incredibly straight hair and I HAVE to use shampoo then (loads of) conditioner for her - I think it's because she has soooo much hair.

Can't believe you were in Pasco! It's so in the middle of nowhere - yes, microbrews everywhere here.

The Lowe said...

Poor thing.

Eamon uses that k-i-l-l word too and I hate it. He says "I'll kill you" and worse "I'll kill myself". Something we need to nip in the bud.

Thrift Store Mama said...

Dude - Do not rethink the hard line at bedtime. You'll be patting yourself on the back after #2 comes. Code chunky - too funny!