Friday, August 7, 2009

flying by

Yesterday was the last day of E's summer preschool co-op. Ten weeks, M-F, 10:30-1:30 pm. How is it possible it's over already?

I was there the first day as a helper. For the craft project, the teacher had printed the kid's names on paper, and spread out those foam stick-on letters. The kids were to find the letters that matched and stick on the paper to spell their names. So there I am, watching all the little kids around me - Ruby, Rex, Lucy, Felix - short little names, all busily completing the task at hand. Elizabeth was also busily working beside me, but it took me a while to realize she was not sticking on letters. In these sets of letters, the 'O' has a little circle on the inside, or the 'A' a small triangle on the inside, which usually needs to be pulled out. My dear sweet funny Elizabeth was working quite happily finding all the small multi-colored detritus from the foam letters, and sticking a different color on each fingernail.

"Look, Mommy, aren't I beautiful?" she asked, holding up her newly 'manicured' hands and admiring her handiwork.

Indeed. I manged to get her to half-heartedly stick on the E to start her name, but she was far more interested in personal beautification. We may be in trouble. So, ten weeks later, I don't think she could or would complete that same craft today. We'll see what pre-k brings.

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