Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall walks

One of our friends, and Elizabeth's soccer coach, recently celebrated a birthday and his twin 6 year old sons wouldn't let it pass without a party.  So we all gathered in the park and went on a fall walk. 
Elizabeth started the afternoon less than thrilled.  

 But things picked up once the walk began. 
 And bugs were spotted. 
 And weird growths on trees were found.

 And walking sticks (and hitting sticks) were discovered. 

 The road is closed to cars on weekends, so it wasn't quite a walk IN the woods, but it was a safe and easy walk for kids.
 Not to mention beautiful. 


Laurie said...

What a gorgeous area for a walk.

Rachel et Natalie said...

they are so grown up already.

Fiona said...

Oh, the look on E's face in the first photo is classic! Love it.

Herself said...

Little boys can't walk in the woods without a stick I've noticed.

Marya said...

Beautiful shots.