Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Imitation is not always flattering

Since January, I've been either working from home or looking for work from home. The office in the attic keeps me occupied, and generally I don't have much contact with Elizabeth and Gee during the day. I'll pop down for a drink, or just to say hi, but they spend a lot of time out of the house. Sometimes I run errands in the neighborhood and run into them out and about, which is always fun.

Last week I went out on foot for a quick Target run (oh, how I love the new Target only 10 minutes walk from my house!) and slice of pizza at lunch, and headed home with a couple of small bags. Fifteen minutes after I got home, I was still downstairs, when Elizabeth burst through the door - Mommy, Mommy, I saw you walking with your bags! I looked quizzically at Gee, who said they were eating lunch at the Chinese restaurant when I walked by.

"Yes, mommy, I saw you walking with your bags and you were walking just like this!" And this will only mean something to my parents and brother - my daughter proceeded to do a spot on, perfect imitation of our crazy Pocomoke neighbor Martha walking up Second Street to Newberry's or perhaps the pharmacy to torture our friendly local neighborhood merchants. She nailed it. Butt out, head forward, stern face, legs churning, arms pumping.

Here I thought I was enjoying a pleasant afternoon walk home from Target, when suddenly I've turned into crazy lady former neighbor Martha. Great. Luckily, she's not repeated her imitation. If she does I'll have to get it on camera, but I'm kinda hoping she forgets. Meanwhile, I've really got to work on my walk.



Mom said...

I wish I had seen the little "Martha". Mom

Jen said...

HYSTERICAL! Literally laughing right now at my desk... someone actually came into my classroom to make sure I was ok. HA!