Saturday, August 2, 2008

The roof

Rich decided to take the rest of the kitchen ceiling up to the studs, to see how badly everything was damaged. Short answer - badly. This area of the kitchen has a small porch/deck above it, off the master bedroom. Rich removed the rotten lathing, the rotten insulation, and examined the beams and the plywood base of the porch. All rotten. The awning is attached to the back of the house, but not under the porch. So, this should be a relatively simple carpentry job. Hahahahaha. Nothing is simple. But what we need to do is remove the awning, remove the existing porch, replace beams, and reinstall a wooden upper porch and screen porch off the kitchen.

Exactly like our neighbors. And, they got a nice larger porch/deck off the master bedroom, so that would be great. Simple, right?
Anyone in for a good old-fashioned barn-raising?

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AwwwTrouble said...

I take solace in the fact that our neighbors bought their house like that. Lucky bastards.

- Rich