Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Let me get right on that

Elizabeth has been exposed to a lot of nursing mothers and babies lately. And. She. Is. Fascinated. Obsessed, even.

She has started nursing her babies. And asked me to nurse her babies. And asked Rich to nurse her babies. Rich always refuses. He'll usually go along with nearly anything she ever suggests, but here he draws the line. Daddies don't make milk. Period. End of discussion.

She knows there's a baby coming. She knows it will drink Mommy's milk. She's not too sure on the rest of the details.

She's a pretty cuddly girl and sometimes like to curl up and pretend she is a baby.

So this past weekend, we're cuddling and she says, Mommy. I want to drink strawberry milk from you.

Um. I'll let you know when that's possible, sweetpea. For now, no.


V said...

Rich forgets, there's an African tribe where the daddies do nurse the babies.

Yeah, I told Benjie "If you really love me..." but it's not moving him to take fenugreek and slip on the pump...

Tricia said...

ha ha! When Finn yells to eat I ask him, "do you want the chocolate nursey or the strawberry nursey?"

Mom said...

I told you it was worth posting it. Absolutely hilarious!

AwwwTrouble said...

I hear you, Vicky, but it's still not happening. Besides, I was the only Dad to actually *try* the breast pump. I feel for y'all.