Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine

Elizabeth has a fondness for popsicles, and on these hot days we let her indulge in the afternoon or for dessert after dinner. She can stretch out a popsicle for long minutes - slowly licking it so that it's mostly melted before she finishes. Me on the other hand, while I try to make it last, it's mostly chomp chomp chomp, gone before any melting occurs at all.

She loves it when we have popsicles at the same time as she does. Let's switch, Mommy! Can I taste yours? And when you ask to taste hers, she holds it out so tentatively you can barely get a slight lick in. But - she CHOMPS yours!

I tried to teach her the concept of "taste for a taste" the other day (something my brother and I were quite good about when we were kids). She wasn't buying it. Rather, she wanted to "switch" which in her world basically meant she got to hold both.

But come on, could you turn down this face?

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